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As Salaam Air now operates flights to Dar es salaam from Zanzibar‚ Iringa‚ Pemba‚ and Tanga.

Dar es Salaam 'house of Peace' formerly Mzizima‚ is the largest city in Tanzania. Situated on a large sea inlet‚ it is the only deep-sea harbour between Mombasa‚ Kenya in the north and Beira‚ Mozambique far off in the south. The city remains true to the old cliche‚ being a 'melting pot' a vibrant blend of traditional tribal cultures and immigrant communities from Europe and Asia. 

For the traveler‚ the city boasts all the modern amenities you can think of. It is also home to a modest collection of museums and cultural attractions as well as being a mecca for lovers of East African music. Once the capital‚ now Dodoma‚ Dar es Salaam remains Tanzania's industrial and commercial heart. 

German‚ British‚ Asian and Arab influence is evident but it is fundamentally a Swahili city. In the last decade‚ many mosques‚ churches and old Government buildings have been restored‚ making it interesting to visitors as well as business people.

Our scheduled flights operate to below destinations from DAR ES SALAAM:

- Zanzibar
- Pemba
- Tanga
- Iringa